Integrity Home Solutions Group in the Community

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An organization that Integrity Home Solutions Group has proudly supported is Solutions for Change. Solutions for Change is a charity based in San Diego which IHSG has worked with closely. Founded by Chris and Tammy Megison in 1999, their mission is to provide the skills, knowledge and resources to help end homelessness for families in the community.

Solutions for Change works actively in the North County San Diego area and their main goal is to, “work with this community to solve family homelessness for kids and communities, permanently,” according to the Who We Are page of their website. To date they have transformed the lives of 850 families, including 2,200 children and counting. The work they are doing with families is helping to build the future for the children as well as the San Diego community as a whole.


“Solutions for Change is proud to have the support of organizations like Integrity Home Solutions Group.”

Monty E. James

Director of Real Estate Development, Solutions for Change



To learn more about Solutions for Change, click here.

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