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“Integrity Home Solutions Group is professional and above and beyond one of the top real estate firms in all of Southern California. Stemming from their outstanding leadership, they are considerate, honest, understanding and really do go the extra mile(s) to serve their clients needs. Highly recommended – can’t sing high enough praises about their integrity and quality of work.”



“Exceptional and truly extraordinary group. They performed 110% on 8 transactions we did within 1 yr. Most importantly they provide the utmost care with their fiduciary duties to buyers, sellers, agents, investors and other real estate related parties within a real estate transaction. I look forward to working with them again.”


Matthew Amos 


“I have nothing but major respect and admiration for what this team accomplishes. Somehow, around their massive project load of all shapes sizes and difficulty levels, Andrew and Lana are the most altruistic ‘pay it forward’ investors I have ever encountered.

They have helped me grow immensely since I met them and they specialize in joint ventures with more novice investors, helping “newbies” gain valuable experience from pros, while sharing in equity and returns.

As far as I know they have successfully helped more than 5 investors launch their careers, putting their own dollars and reputations on the line, when they didn’t need to.

Whether you are considering working with them as a partner or a property owner, you will be hard pressed to find a better team.”

Parker Cox



“Some of the nicest people to work with. Always doing what is right and fair!”

Justen Brown



“Integrity Home Solutions Group is outstanding. I placed a call to Andrew and Lana when I took on my friend’s property as a listing, after being informed he was going into foreclosure. We had about 14 days to create a miracle, which is exactly what we did. In fact, not only did my client save his home from foreclosure, but they also helped him to walk away with proceeds from the sale of his home for a fresh start. Andrew and Lana are very well educated on helping distressed sellers and equally well connected to ensure tight deadlines will be able to be met. Most importantly, they truly care about people. My client’s worries and burdens became their own. I am very impressed and would highly recommend them.”

MaryElizabeth Ameal



“Thank you to Lana and Drew of Integrity Home Solutions Group for helping me save my home and receive above asking price. I was overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of being the executor of a trust. There was an impending foreclosure on the trust and things were happening so fast. I took a week’s vacation and flew to California to address the situation, not expecting the stress would be over before I even returned back to work on Monday. Lana and Drew were so helpful and just wanted the best solution for me. Ultimately they did not buy my home, however they did what was best for me and referred me to John and Melissa Steele who worked hand in hand with them to get my home sold through their network of investors. That would have never happened without their integrity, network and expertise of how to get this done quickly.”

Terese Duesberg Larson



“Integrity Home Solutions Group operates their business just as you’d expect with a name like that! Run by two of the most integrity-driven individuals we’ve ever met, it’s always a pleasure doing business with Lana and Drew. It’s a rarity to come across investors who don’t cut corners, always have the buyer’s and seller’s best interests in mind, and do exceptional, quality work with the awesome team they’ve built. It’s an honor to be able to do business with these two – if you’re looking for a quality team to offer you a stress and worry free solution to selling your home (in ANY condition with CASH), you’ll want to reach out to Integrity Home Solutions Group!” –Melissa Steele




“I can’t say enough phenomenal things about Lana & Drew and Integrity Home Solutions! From donating their time and knowledge of the real estate world, to producing beautiful rehabs across San Diego, they are top notch individuals to top it off! Absolutely grateful to know this group for their mentorship and business integrity. Thank you team!” – Nate Hall


“Personally, I like learning from mentors. Mentors are like the superheroes of our childhood. To this day, I love Superman and Supergirl! Lana and Drew are like my real life superheroes! They are a catapult to inspire you to do extraordinary things. Drew has become a wonderful mentor not only for myself but for many others. Integrity Home Solutions Group is an organization that I admire. They are not afraid to share all of their experiences – Good or Bad and teach you everything they have learned to help them grow in this industry. They instill values I aspire to replicate in my own business but also want to pass down to others as they always take the time to show everyone they encounter. Lana and Drew are successful people who are proof that we could do exceptional things with their guidance and expertise!

Integrity Homes is run by generous people who are easier to approach than you could imagine! They love to give back to others and they would like you to become successful, too. All you need to do is give them a call with your project or goals and they will guide you or maybe even partner with you!” –Nora Angelica Church


“Highly recommend working with Integrity Home Solutions Group! Both Lana & Andrew are not only extremely knowledgeable in real estate, but their professionalism and customer service is beyond exceptional. They operate with such integrity and are truly a pleasure to work with. You can definitely count on their team to help with any of your real estate needs!” –Melody Riazati


“Integrity Home Solutions is an absolutely top notch real estate company to work with. Extremely professional and knowledgeable in the real estate industry.” -Jason Buccola

“Drew and Lana are some of the kindest, hard-working individuals I have ever known. They have been fantastic mentors as we develop our own business and set a standard of excellence example that has raised the bar for us as we build our team. I highly recommend them, not only for their work ethics, but for their vast network that they are happy to share!” -Toni Burghardt



“Andrew and Lana are so kind and helpful! They know so much about Home Solutions and are so easy to work with. I would recommend them to any friends or family!!!” -Kim McAnany




“Integrity Home Solutions is a wealth of knowledge on all things real estate. They live up to their name with their integrity and willingness to help others.” -Kevin Hamilton




“I have known Lana for years and always admired what an intelligent and thoughtful soul she was. I have enjoyed watching the true integrity she and Andrew have displayed while building IHSG. Anyone who has the fortunate opportunity to work with them should feel extremely comfortable knowing they are dealing with honest and hardworking people who truly have your best interest at heart.” -Lisa Susca




“It is a true pleasure watching Andrew & Lana transform run-down houses into gorgeous, state-of-the-art living spaces. They provide a wonderful service to the lucky buyers of their renovated homes and help make San Diego a more beautiful place to live.” -Monty James 



“For as long as I can remember, I have been keenly focused on fast tracking my way to a secure retirement. Being a private money lender to Integrity Home Solutions has allowed me to significantly increase the rate that I can put money away for retirement. I love that it is a set monthly return, secured by real estate. I don’t have to worry about waiting for a statement to see how I performed. Having a double-digit return every month seemed too good to be true and, I will admit, was a bit cautious the first time I lent on one of their properties. To date, I have now lent on four properties with IHSG, earning more than $32,000, and I am about to go into my 5th. No other investment vehicle I have used has consistently provided me with this kind of return. I also trust in the stewardship of Andrew and Lana. I have known Lana for many years prior to investing, and part of my decision to be an investor was my trust in her integrity and strong work ethic. Traveling months at a time as an Army Officer, I have complete peace of mind knowing they are buying undervalued properties and keeping my money secure and growing from day one.” -Clarke Rogers


“Drew and Lana are simply amazing!! Integrity Home Solutions Group represents the absolute best in quality while always putting your needs first. It’s hard to find a better team out there, and with their leadership and willingness to help others they are huge asset to the community! It’s always exciting to find great people who can inspire you on a daily basis. Thank you Drew and Lana for everything, I can’t wait to see what you guys do next!!!” -Eric Norrbohm 




“Such an amazing experience working w/ Drew, Lana and the rest of the Integrity Home Solutions Group! Feels great to invest and earn double digit returns w/ a team of people that you truly know practices business with the utmost integrity. Hence the business name, lol.” -Sean Siegler



“Worked with this company for over a year, couldn’t thank them enough for what they taught me. Great people to workout with, highly respected!” -Dominic Battezzato 




“Integrity Home Solutions Group has extensive knowledge of the local real estate market and has been very helpful. They excel at creating win-win solutions for both buyers and sellers. I highly recommend contacting them with any real estate situation anyone may be facing.” -Matt Marglin


“Integrity Home Solutions Group is a great company! Their personalized and professional service is awesome! Great folks to partner with on your next real estate deal!” -Connie Winsauer 


“Integrity Home Solutions Group is wonderful to work with. They are professional, knowledgeable and are willing to go the extra mile to help their clients. I highly recommend them!” -Jodi Gallen


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