Are You an Early Adopter? Establish Yourself as a Live Streamer Before the Format Becomes Oversaturated

Posted by Colleen Larson // July 11, 2019

As a professional in real estate, growing your presence online is a huge tool in establishing consumer loyalty and building meaningful connections for all your professional endeavors. To be competitive in the online sphere, adopting new technologies and tools first is a great way to set yourself apart from competitors. One great tool that is […]

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Should you Renovate or Sell?

Posted by Lana Powers // June 25, 2019

If your home no longer feels like a perfect fit, you’ve got options. Take our quiz to get yourself thinking about whether you should fix it up or give it up. Most homeowners have that one thing about their home that they wish were different. “My house would be perfect if it just had one […]

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Timeless Strategies to Grow Your Brand Online When the Landscape is Constantly Changing

Posted by Colleen Larson // May 30, 2019

For over a century, taxis were untouchable. Then came Uber. Don’t be the ‘taxi’ of your industry. Be the business that accepts that social media is here to stay and run with it to the finish line.

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Real Estate Investing As A Business

Posted by Lana Powers // March 10, 2019

“Investment is most intelligent when most business like” – Warren Buffett If investing is better when conducted most business like, does it mean that more real estate investors ought to be investing in a more businesslike fashion? Should every real estate investor be investing as a business? What does that really mean? What does it look […]

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Sell Home Without an Agent – Sell Home Fast San Diego

Posted by Colleen Larson // March 3, 2019

Are you someone who is looking to sell your home? Do you love making as much money as possible? Well think about how much money you can save if you manage to sell your home without having to pay real estate commission fees.   Working with a real estate agent to sell your home has […]

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The Rise of the Luxury Real Estate Market in San Diego & Beyond

Posted by Colleen Larson // February 25, 2019

The real estate market has been making a steady comeback since the recession of 2008-a macro level economic downfall that impacted the real estate industry greatly. Not only has there been a rise in the mid-level real estate market but there has also been a rise in the luxury real estate market across the globe, as […]

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The ‘Crossroad’ of San Diego: Hillcrest’s Thriving Community (Buy Homes San Diego)

Posted by Colleen Larson // October 9, 2018

Hillcrest has been commonly referred to as the “crossroad” of San Diego, a close-knit community that sits in between Mission Vally, North Park and the San Diego Zoo. The Hillcrest community website describes it as “an accepting urban village with a small town feel”. The prosperous community is located just a few miles from Downtown […]

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The New Generation of Home Buyers Taking Over The Market – Millennials

Posted by Colleen Larson // September 20, 2018

Are you someone working in the real estate industry that aspires for long term success? Well your answer is easy-Millennials. According to the Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report 2015, by The National Association of Realtors, millennials make up the largest number of home buyers and that number is growing. The trends report offered […]

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The Vacation Home You Never Have to Leave – 10629 Almond Ave, Oak View, CA 93022

Posted by Colleen Larson // August 24, 2018

Have you ever gone on a relaxing vacation and wished you could stay there forever? Well, we have a great answer for you! This newly remodeled home is just outside the quiet and quaint city of Ojai, California. Moving into this home means unlimited access to hiking and horse trails, top-rated wineries and vineyards, a […]

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Sell Home Fast San Diego – Easiest Way to Sell Your Home Fast

Posted by Lana Powers // August 9, 2018

Are you looking to sell your San Diego home as fast as possible? There are many reasons why you may need to sell your home fast. Facing foreclosure? Inherited an unwanted property? Too many damages and repairs to take on? The list goes on. When selling your home you want to get the best price […]

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